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The church at Chateaumeillant


The history of Châteaumeillant as a village goes back more than 2000 years, and is positioned in the Berry tourist region in the department of Cher.

The Châteaumeillant wine has a long history. The vineyards extend into the neighbouring villages of both in Cher and Indre, the neighbouring department. The red wines go marvelously with roasts, poultry, game and cheese. The origin of the 'kir berrychon' which is said to combine happiness with blackcurrant and blackberry syrups comes from here, which unlike the kir served in Sancerre combines the red wine with the cassis.

In this area the rose wines are known as 'grey wine' and the wine is not actually as true rose, its a white wine made with the pinot gris grape and therefore, when finished has a colour similar to a rose wine. This has played a large part in the development of the reputation of the of Chateaumeillant reputation for rose wine. The grey wine has an very important part in the local production, while the white and the red wines also have acquired a deserved reputation although it is rare to see the white wine.

The rampart still surrounds the 18 hectares which make up the village and includes the church St Genès which is recognised as one of the ost important romanesque sanctuaries in the Berry area. These features making Chateaumeillant famous throughout France and Europe.

The archaeological museum, Emile Chenon, created in 1961 by the archaeologist Jacques Gourvest, in housed in a building dating back to the 15th and 17th centurys. It houses the results of the excavations on the oppidum of Châteaumeillant and has a large collection of ceramics.

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